Fail to initialize server_lock error

I have seen some cases where users face following error while starting Unifier application.

Connecting to Unifier database…
Server Version: b-02282016-09
Fail to initialize server_lock.
Fail to initialize server_lock.
Exception in thread “Unifier Startup” java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.Exception: Fail to initialize server_lock.


This error comes because of insufficient privileges granted to Unifier Database user. In order to resolve this, perform following steps:

  • Connect to your Unifier database with SYS user
  • Run following scripts and replace unifier with your Unifier database username

grant connect, resource, create table, create view to unifier ;
grant unlimited tablespace to unifier;

  • Restart your weblogic where Unifier is deployed.

Installation of Primavera Unifier v15.2: Part 1

This series of blog post covers all Unifier installation steps starting from Database installation to installing Project Control solutions application inside Unifier.

Below are the high level steps that are required for installing Unifier for first time:-

  1. Install supported version of Database
  2. Create Unifier Database user and provide necessary privileges
  3. Install supported JDK version on server where Unifier needs to be installed
  4. Install supported Weblogic version
  5. Create Unifier EAR file
  6. Deploy EAR file on weblogic
  7. Setup Company and create company admin in Unifier

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