Installation of Primavera version 15.2: Part 2

In this post we will see how to install Weblogic for hosting Primavera applications.

Once installer is downloaded as shown is previous post, run it using following command

Java –jar fmw_12.

In case you have multiple JDK installed on your machine, copy fmw_12. to <installation folder>/bin of JDK 8 update 60 and run above command from there, refer below screen-shot. This will ensure that correct version of JDK is used by installer.


Click Next.


Define installation directory. Click Next.


Select Weblogic. Click Next.


Installer will do pre-requisite check, make sure it doesn’t fail for Java check.


Uncheck the checkbox. Click Next.


Review the installation. Click Install.


Once process completes successfully click Next.


Check ‘Automatically Launch the Configuration Wizard’, click on Finish.


Select check box for new domain, provide domain location. Domain is basically an instance of your Weblogic which will host all Primavera application.


Select first option. Click Next.


Create Weblogic administrator user and set its password. This userid will be used to access Weblogic console.


Select mode as Production and make sure that JDK version 8 update 60 is used.


Select any of the option in case you want to define your own settings, else installer will create domain based on generic configuration. Here I have to define Admin server port as default port (i.e. 7001) is already in use.


Provide listen port for admin server. Click Next.


Click on Create.

Click Next once process completed successfully.


Select ‘Start Admin Server’ and click Finish.


Your admin server should be up and running. Login into admin server, in my case URL of same is localhost:7030/console.

Navigate to Environment > Machine


Click on lock and edit, click on New.


Provide machine name and select OS type.


Click Next.

Provide listen port and click on Finish. Listen port is port for Node Manager, if you have multiple Weblogic installation on your machine make sure to use a port which is available. Default port is 5556.


Click Finish and then Release Configuration.

In case you have changed listen port change the file and set parameter ListenPort=<port numaber> to your custom port. E.g. ListenPort=5560

Property file will be available at location.

<Installation Directory>\wlserver_12.1\common\nodemanager

Save the file after changes.

Now start node manager by running startNodeManager.cmd file present at location.

<Installation Directory>\wlserver_12.1\server\bin

Once your node manager is up and running, you should see its status as reachable in Weblogic console.


This completes our Weblogic setup, in next post we will install and deploy Primavera applications.

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