Troubleshoot Unifier Performance Issues

  • Check if Unifier managed server has sufficient memory to perform operation. For this go to Weblogic console > Unifier Managed Server > Server Start > Arguments , and set memory arguments as -Xms3072m -Xmx3072m -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

  • Restart application after these change
  • If still application is slow, perform below steps
    • Login into application server and find out the CPU and Memory utilization. If these are more than 60%, increase memory or assign more core.
    • Identify the specific area where application is slow e.g. is it a record creation in a perticular BP, uploading/downloading CSV files etc.
    • Note down each steps and time taken by application to respond to each request
    • Use different browser and note down response time for steps as identified in above step. Identify the browser which gives best performance and use the same. Also remove/disable unnecessary add-ons from browser
    • Test on different user’s machine and if user’s are present in different geographical location, test for different location as well
    • If results are approximately same in all scenario, find out the request sql query that application is sending to database. This can be found from unifier.log file
    • Run same query using SQL Developer or another tool and see the response time. If it is high try to optimize the designs created in Unifier

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