Unifier Site Admin Password Reset

Unifier site admin ‘Administrator’ is a default application user which is used while setting up the application for first time (installing Primavera Unifier Project Controls inside Unifier) as well as other administrative task like unlocking users, creating partner companies, creating partner user, setting up authentication code and short name for companies etc.

Normal application user have integrated security questions which they can use to reset their password. Application sends them a mail with a new password which in turn can be used to access application. (Only true in case where Unifier is not integrated with external authentication providers), but same is not true for Administrator user.

In this post we will see how password reset functionality can be enabled for site admin.

First of all make sure your application is integrated with an email exchange server and you are able to receive email notification from application.

Login into application with Administrator userid.


Go to Site Administrator > Preferences


Click on Security tab

Select security questions and provide answers for all three questions. Note down questions and answers and keep it safe.

Click OK to apply the changes.

Now using SQL developer connect to Unifier database using Unifier’s schema user name and password. Run below query and commit the changes.

UPDATE SYS_USER_INFO SET EMAIL=’youremailid@email.com’ WHERE USERNAME=’Administrator’;

Now to test, open Unifier URL. Click on Forgot Password. Provide user name and email id.


Click on Submit. Unifier will ask you answer for a secret question provide the answer and click on Submit.




You will receive an email with a new password use it to access application.


3 thoughts on “Unifier Site Admin Password Reset

  1. Hi Ankit,
    Unifier topics are really helpful resource and you have provided really good explanations on installation and trouble shooting topics I have installed unifier on my local machine. Can you help me to setup gmail mail server configuration setup with screenshots.
    Thanks, Kishore Kadam


    • Hello Kishor,

      Unifier support outbound mail without user’s password. And by default Gmail block such mail request. So the email configuration with Gmail will not work.


      • I have seen this working with gmail mail server previously with one of consultant ,I suggest you can test it from your end. I am a functional consultant hence i can’t comment on mail server configurations.


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