Installation of Primavera Unifier v15.2: Part 1

This series of blog post covers all Unifier installation steps starting from Database installation to installing Project Control solutions application inside Unifier.

Below are the high level steps that are required for installing Unifier for first time:-

  1. Install supported version of Database
  2. Create Unifier Database user and provide necessary privileges
  3. Install supported JDK version on server where Unifier needs to be installed
  4. Install supported Weblogic version
  5. Create Unifier EAR file
  6. Deploy EAR file on weblogic
  7. Setup Company and create company admin in Unifier

Supported version of above database, weblogic and JDK can be found in Tested Configuration document provided by Oracle. For version 15.2, tested configuration is available at below link

In this first post we will install Oracle Database and create Unifier database user.

First download the database from Oracle’s website. Here we are installing 15.2 Unifier so we need to install Oracle Database 12c.

Go to and download installation files.

Run setup.exe. Uncheck I wish to receive .. (This is required only in case you want to receive patches/updates from Oracle which you can get easily from Oracle Support website by searching in Patch & Update section.)


Select Create and configure a database and click on Next.


Select Desktop class (if you are installing it only for learning purpose on your own PC, else select Server Class). Click Next.


Select Use Windows Built-in Account. Click Next. (If you are installing it for any organisation then make sure to use Service Account instead of your personal id)

Set character set as Unicode ALT32UTF8.

Provide database name and password. Default database name is orcl. Note down the database name it will be used in Unifier configuration while connecting Unifier with database.


Review the information, save response file and click on Install.


Installation will start.


You will get a pop-up window for password management. Click on Password Management.


Provide password for SYS and SYSTEM user, note it down as it will be used while creating Unifier database user. Click OK.


When process is completed successfully, click on Close.


Open a command prompt and type SQLPLUS, press enter. Under user-name type sys as sysdba, press enter. It will then ask for password. Provide password as set in password management window.

Now type following query to create Unifier database user.

create user unifier identified by unifier temporary tablespace temp default tablespace users;

Here username and password is unifier, change it to the values that you want to keep. Suppose you want username as myunifier and password as abcd1234 then query will be

create user myunifier identified by abcd1234 temporary tablespace temp default tablespace users;

Grant privileges to user unifier, replace unifier with username that you have created in above script.

grant connect, resource, create view, create table to unifier;


Commit the changes and close the command prompt.

This complete Database installation and Unifier database user creation. In next post we will install JDK and weblogic.


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